Computng machinery and intelligence 單字/雜記

Oil preserves metal form rust.

duplication (mirror as a logical one / a physical two) V.S. replication (copy as an independent one)
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adaptation / adaption 適應 V.S. adoption 採用

machine > machinery

Gallup poll


be written, or better still, typewritten

The medicine did not avail 幫助 against the disease.

ado: 麻煩, 費力

flesh and blood

specimen 樣本 questions and answers / question and answer method

human endeavor 努力

penalize 使不利 the machine / a man

he often brags about how well he plays golf.

on the ground 在普通人中

She made no definite answer.

deviate 脫離;越軌

moderately 適度的