Usable sentences

1. So far the study of ~ has been superficial.
2. Little attention has been given to the point.
3. Only few attempts [Surprisingly few studies] have so far been made at ~

4. Over the past few years [decades] a considerable number of studies have been made on ~
5. Over the last few years [decades], ~ has been the subject of controversy.

研究了, 但不充分
6. Although ~ has been an object of study for a long time, there is little agreement as to ~
7. A great deal of effort has been made on ~. what seems to be lacking, however, is ~


8. We are concerned with ~ [We deal with ~]
9. The purpose [aim] of this paper is to consider [show / demonstrate / examine / formulate / solve the problem of / answer the question of / profound a theory of / advance a new theory to explain] ~
10. This paper is intended as an investigation of ~

11. We are not concerned here with ~
12. ..., but this is not our present concern.
13. A close study of ~ is not necessary for our purpose.

14. Chapter 1 attempts to illustrate that ... Chapter 2 survey ~ with special emphasis on ~. Chapter 3 analyzes ~ presented in the first two chapters. Chapter 4 furnishes an argument against ~.


15. There is evidence in plenty to show that ... (很多支持)
16. There is evidence in favour of [in support of, to support] ~ (支持)
17. There is evidence against the idea. (反對)
18. There is further evidence to suggest that ... (更多證據)

19. It would be possible to argue (thought the evidence is not compelling) that ... (沒有證據, 但可譯論)

20. the authenticity for ~ is doubtful [remain uncertain]. (懷疑)

以上整理自"崎村耕二, 英文論文寫作技巧, 2002"